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With the deployment of the new 4G networks, operators have to face new challenges such as seeking out new sites, reducing installation costs or even the problems of optimizing radio coverage.

ITAS has developed a new generation of compact, multi-band antennas that extends from Monoband to Tri Band, and now Quadri Band and Penta Band Antennas.

Although several antennas are grouped within a smaller space, ITAS multi-band antennas ensure excellent performance because of innovative technology covered by a number of patents. Accordingly, a number of operators or equipment manufacturers have placed their trust in ITAS antennas because they ensure that their networks will be capable of providing optimum quality service.

All ITAS antennas are equipped with variable and independent electrical tilts (whether or not remote controlled) for easy network optimization.

Finally, irrespective of the frequency band considered, all ITAS antennas are offered with two broad tilt ranges: -2" / -10 " and -4 " / -12 ", making any traditional mechanical tilt superfluous in major tilt applications.

In addition to their «stand-alone» antenna range, ITAS also markets other highly innovative solutions generating major installations cost reductions and significant attenuation of antenna visual impact.