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About us

ITAS develops and manufactures Base Station Antennas covering 2G-3G and LTE needs.
ITAS Antenna portfolio is geared on multi-band technology which is the preferred way of Operators especially when a new site construction in dense urban area has become an issue. Furthermore ITAS has developed its complete antenna range fitting into cylindrical Tri-Sector with tested radiating performance.

Our key points

- 12-year experienced R&D team
- R&D, design and manufacture grouped in a single site in France
- Performing means including anechoic chamber
- Antennas' recognition by big operators

About ITAS

ITAS is a global designer and manufacturer of Broadcast antenna, Base Station Antenna, Tower systems, Temporary Mobile Tower solutions, Visual Integration systems, providing total package solutions for Channel Broadcast and Wireless Operators. ITAS serves OEMs, distributors, systems integrators, operators and installers in the broadcast, wireless communications, and land mobile market sectors. ITAS organization offers cutting edge engineering capabilities that can be seen on its website (in french)

About ITAS' Antenna offer

ITAS entered onto the Base Station Antenna market in 2011 through the acquisition of ARIALCOM's assets including its essential patents. ARIALCOM 12-year experienced R&D team has joined the group to further expand our multi-band antenna offering based on this robust performing technology.
ITAS is committed to bring to the market a complete and innovative range of products covering the needs of 2G 3G and LTE networks.


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